Partnering with Mombasa and the World Smart Cities Forum 

GENERATION is embarking on an exciting partnership with the city of Mombasa and the World Smart Cities Forum to bring esports and technology events and education to Kenya. This partnership aims to assist Kenya in leveraging digital transformation to build a lasting economic engine through tourism to the country. GENERATION will be providing consulting expertise in a variety of areas including:

  • Multi-Purpose Arena Design
  • Festivals
  • Education Programs
  • Technology Development
  • Esports Ecosystems

By building a robust esports industry in Mombasa, Kenya will be enabled to become the top destination in the Middle East and North Africa region for technology and entertainment by leveraging Smart City best practices.  Mombasa has already caught the attention of other global players and investors and are poised for more rapid growth through the initiatives of this partnership.  To read the press release that was announced at the 2024 Oxygen Summit, please go to