GENERATION Joins Partners to BringEsports Initiatives to Kenya

GENERATION Teams Up with Mombasa Investment Corporation, Swahilipot Hub, and World Smart Cities Forum to Spearhead Transformative Initiatives in Kenya

Taylor Palacino

[New York, NY – May 22, 2024] – GENERATION, a leading global digital consultancy, is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Mombasa Investment Corporation, Swahilipot Hub Foundation, and the World Smart Cities Forum to develop digitally transformative and high impact initiatives for the city of Mombasa and other connected hubs throughout Kenya. GENERATION along with key partners Chainparency, an award-winning blockchain technology and data solutions company, and Urban Icon International, a premier development company specializing in sports and entertainment venues, will lead digital technology strategy, project management, and development & fulfillment efforts. This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone in the development of timely initiatives that will pave the way for unparalleled growth, innovation, and the realization of new economic opportunities for the
citizens of Kenya.

By joining forces, the consortium aims to leverage the collective expertise, experiences, and resources to
support a wide range of initiatives, including digital modernization, infrastructure development, talent
cultivation, educational programs, and community engagement across a variety of industries ranging
from agriculture & forestry, finance, real estate, arts & entertainment, to traditional sports, esports, and
gaming. Mombasa, long referred to as the gateway to East Africa, will further enable the rest of Kenya
and the East Africa region to benefit from the industrial growth and global investments stemming from
the various planned next generation projects and initiatives including a cutting-edge multipurpose
stadium and high-performance data centers.

CEO of Mombasa Investment Corporation, Sahale Bawazir explains, “This partnership is just the
beginning of many firsts, not only for the County but for Kenya as a whole. The socio-economic impact
from the multipurpose stadium, gaming, e-sports and key digital transformation initiatives will not only
bring job opportunities for our people, it will generate revenue for the region and is a great step towards
making Mombasa County a futuristic sustainable smart city.”

Mahmoud Noor, Founder and Chief Mentor, Swahilipot Hub Foundation states, “As we embark on this
groundbreaking partnership with Generation, WSCF and MIC, we are driven by a shared vision of
harnessing the transformative power of technology and innovation to empower young people and
cultivate creativity in the digital sphere. By establishing a multi-purpose stadium (e-sports, sports &
entertainment) and contributing to key digital transformation initiatives, we are not just building
infrastructure; we are laying the foundation for a dynamic ecosystem where youth can thrive, innovate,
and lead. Together, we are shaping the future of Mombasa, unlocking new economic opportunities, and
propelling our community into the digital age.”

Jaewon Peter Chun, President of World Smart Cities Forum adds, “Mombasa is the most optimal city
where the TWIN CITIES project can be applied. The World Smart Cities Forum (WSCF) has been involved in water-based smart city projects and believes that Mombasa is well qualified to have the urban
capabilities needed to connect East Africa with the world. Accordingly, WSCF seeks to lay the foundation
for Mombasa’s future through close cooperation with MIC, GENERATION, and Swahilipot Hub Foundation
to build a Tech City and Creative Contents Platform based on Mombasa’s Innovation infrastructure.”

This partnership underscores a shared commitment to fostering innovation, inclusivity, sustainability, and
improved livelihoods for Kenyan citizens. Through collaboration and collective action, the partners aim to
build vibrant and thriving programs, projects, and initiatives that will enrich the lives of millions of
Kenyans. Furthermore, by creating a circular economy that fosters continuous innovation, Kenya aspires
to become a premiere model for other countries in Africa and globally. The consortium plans to leverage
latest technological advances ranging from IoT, AI/ML, mobile/cloud to blockchain technology to tackle
latest urban, environmental, and societal challenges and to ensure sustainable development and
practices for citizens in Kenya and beyond.

The collaboration will kick off with a series of initiatives designed to foster grassroots participation,
nurture local talent, and esports-related programs, which will be complemented by investment in stateof-the-art multi-purpose event facilities, STEAM/STEM-related programs, and the launch of first-of-a-kind esports festival designed to showcase the best of Kenyan talent on the global stage.

CEO of Generation, Kirk Yamatani enthusiastically says, “We are extremely excited to partner with WSCF,
Swahilipot Hub and MIC to bring full, sustainable 360-degree digital transformation for Mombasa and
the good people of Kenya. Our plans to bring a multi-purpose stadium, esports & gaming events, cloud
services enhancement and key digital transformation initiatives will bolster tourism, education, revenue
and youth engagement like never before in East Africa.”

The partnership announcement will formally take place on May 21-22, 2024 at the prestigious OXYGEN
Summit in New York City, a premier gathering of government and industry leaders and visionaries
working on future best practices and solutions for the environment, communities, and cities.

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About Mombasa Investment Corporation:
The Mombasa Investment Corporation is a statutory body enacted through the Mombasa Investment
Corporation Act, 2019 with a wide mandate to attract, promote, coordinate and facilitate investment
activities in various sectors of the County’s economy. Learn more about Mombasa Investment
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About Swahilipot Hub Foundation:
Swahilipot Hub Foundation is a non-governmental organization based in Mombasa, Kenya, that
empowers youth aged 18-35years in the Technology, Creatives & Art and Heritage sectors with an aim to
increase their access to economic opportunities. Learn more about Swahilipot Hub at

About World Smart Cities Forum:
The World Smart Cities Forum is a non-profit company located in London and New York City focused on
providing the central government and municipalities with the strategy of establishing a people-centered
smart city with an innovative and sustainable growth model. Learn more about the World Smart Cities
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About Chainparency:
Chainparency is a blockchain-based data solutions company and developer of innovative digital
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