Gamifying the World One Project at a Time


GENER8 festival goes beyond esports to create a life-changing event that cultivates new ideas, inspirations, and relationships that lead to positive impact and change. The festival will be a one-of-a-kind event tailored for the MENA area and the surrounding region. Read more about GENER8 on our Projects page.

Vector Global & Unanimous Games

Generation provides leading consulting expertise to assist countries within Africa through gaming events, STEM education programs, economic development, cloud infrastructure, and more!  You can read more about the expertise Generation is bringing to the African economy and industries on our Projects page.

Breaking Barriers in Kenya with Sens Spectra

Generation has partnered with Sens Spectra to gamify the East African region by creating an all-female gaming camp that will bridge the gender, digital divide.  Starting in Kenya, this program will empower women and the economy to create lasting social change.  Read more about Sens Spectra and the Breaking Barriers initiative on our Projects page.

World Food Program Gamification

Generation has been chosen as one of the lead partners for the United Nations World Food Program gamification initiative.  This partnership will further bolster the World Food Program’s food assistance strategies through the power of gaming!  Read more about the developments with World Food Program on our Projects page.

Cloud Services with

Generation has confirmed a partnership with Singapore-based, gaming and esports marketplace  This exciting opportunity will allow Generation and to bring further gamification opportunities to Asia.  Read more about our initiative with on our Projects page.


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